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      Why Competitive Jump Rope? | Jump Jump Rope

      Why Competitive Jump Rope?

      We found competitive jump rope quite by accident. My daughter Callie & I were at our local fall fair about 3 years ago with her grandparents. We noticed an event on the program called the "Brampton Acro Ropers." Intrigued, we decided to check it out.⁠ ⁠

      It was amazing! We watched in awe as the team performed tricks with jump ropes that we never thought possible. 🤯⁠ ⁠ They showed incredible athleticism, strength and flexibility. The way they were all in sync, working together to put on a great show was something I'll always remember.

      As it turned out, some of the kids on the team were also on a T-Ball team that Callie played on a couple of years before! After the performance, we heard them mention that they were taking signups for their recreational classes. We went over to find out more.⁠ ⁠

      Fast forward a couple of years to February 2020, and we were off to our first jump rope competition! Callie participated as a novice, winning a first and a third place ribbon! But the best part of the whole experience was the way the athletes and families all welcomed and supported each other. We were hooked!⁠ ⁠

      Competitive jump rope is such a great sport for so many reasons. One one hand, it's a sport you can do any time you want - just pull out a rope and start jumping. On the other hand, it requires a high level of fitness, commitment and focus to be successful in competitions. 

      Jump rope athletes are in great physical condition, doing a variety of exercises that improve their aerobic capacity, strength, and flexibility during every practice. 

      The benefits of jump rope are lifelong. Good physical fitness habits, social skills, and experience in teamwork & leadership are just some of the benefits that athletes continue to enjoy long after they've moved on from jumping competitively.

      There are many more reasons to get into the sport of jump rope beyond what we've covered here, but these are the ones that we felt made jump rope right for Callie.

      These days Callie is doing her practices remotely through Zoom calls, trying to keep her skills and conditioning up while we wait to hear about when we can resume regular practices.