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      How It All Began

      It all started with a demo performance at our local fall fair. We watched the local jump rope team perform tricks we never thought were possible, and we were instantly hooked!

      The demonstration left us intrigued, and we waited around after the performance was over to ask questions. As it turned out, the team offered an introductory recreational class, and had a session starting shortly after the fair.

      Joining The Recreational Team

      Callie joined the recreational team that fall at age 10, learning basic rope skills and making new friends. She loved it, and slowly got better and better at it. 

      She had so much fun each week, that she signed up for another 8 week session... then another. Her skill level continued to improve, and she became close with some of the other jumpers.

      In 2019, she was approached about joining the competitive team. She didn't want to leave her friends in the recreational group behind and decided she wasn't quite ready.

      Joining the Competitive Team

      By late 2019 Callie decided she was ready to join the competitive team. She started attending practice three times a week most weeks, learning new skills and working to improve her speed rope and other skills.

      She paired with another jumper and learned a freestyle routine that they practiced each week. Set to music, freestyle events give the athletes an opportunity to showcase their skills in a fun and highly entertaining routine.

      First Tournament

      In late February of 2020 Callie went to her first jump rope tournament - a regional tournament that was supposed to prepare the athletes for the upcoming Provincial and National tournaments.

      As a novice, she wasn't sure what to expect. With a gymnasium full of athletes, she was a little overwhelmed. Everyone was very supportive and encouraging, helping to calm her nerves.

      By the end of the tournament, she was the proud owner of two ribbons, a first and a third place!

      Virtual Practices Begin

      We headed back home and got right back to practice. However, less than 2 weeks later, COVID-19 put the brakes on all group practices. 

      These days she's doing virtual practice through Zoom calls, and continuing to develop her skills while we wait for in person practices to resume.

      Callie is looking forward to the day when she can get back into the gym with her team, practicing her single and team events for the upcoming tournament schedule!

      Inspired By Jump Rope

      With lockdowns looming for the foreseeable future, we decided to get creative, and started designing some simple t-shirts and stickers inspired by jump rope. The more we created, the more fun we had! We decided to jump in with both feet (pun intended) and open an online store featuring the items we had designed.

      Since then, we've added new items such as pillows, wall art, and even hooded blankets. We have lots of great ideas that we're working on, including new designs and new items to add those designs to.

      We're excited about the possibilities, and are working hard to bring you amazing jump rope apparel & accessories that let you show off your love of the sport!

      Reach out, we'd love to hear from you! You can email us at: