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      How We Plan To Help.

      We want to do our part to help grow the sport of jump rope. That's why we're donating 20% of ALL net profit to community jump rope organizations that provide competitive opportunities as their mission.

      Why Jump Rope?

      We believe that jump rope is one of the best forms of physical activity out there, affordable and accessible to anyone and everyone. With nothing more than a jump rope and 8 square feet of space, kids, adults, and even seniors can do anything from simple jumping to advanced skills.

      Studies have shown that there are many benefits to strenuous physical activity, including improved vision, strength, endurance, cardiovascular health, and even improved mental heath & increased self confidence. 

      What Is Competitive Jump Rope?

      Competitive jump rope tournaments happen around the world, from small local tournaments to the World Jump Rope Championships held each year. Athletes compete in various disciplines, from single speed events to team freestyle events.

      Competing against other athletes allows participants to develop character,  leadership skills, and expand their horizons. 

      We're committed to helping grow the sport of jump rope through awareness, education and financial support. With your help, we plan to expand this support globally. 

      You shop. We give. Jump rope wins! Let's do this!


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